Monday, 17 June 2013

a little experiment

I want to grow a bit of a privacy hedge at one end of my veranda.  I had originally planted cedar trees in these pots but after a season of seeing a gradual and disappointing burnt orange colour, I knew they were very dead.

Last fall I snagged an interesting bush on the discount aisle of the soon to be closing nursery. It was mostly interesting because it was so cheap. I also have burning bushes that propagate easily and quickly so I dug up a few of those.

In the planters they went: through the winter, on the north side of the house, and in the driveway where they get contact from the van that misjudges when backing out of  the driveway (okay, that is mostly me)  and people squeezing past between them and the parked cars.

Despite an exposed root ball, each plant survived and bloomed!

ninebark satin chocolate
burning bush

Note to self: the burning bush and ninebark are very hearty plants. Go nuts, be creative, put one ON the veranda. Pretty up the deck in the back.  Give them away in planters.  No ground is needed.

As for the Ninebark Satin Chocolate (Physocarpus),  I will patiently wait for the end of season and snag a few more.


  1. I will follow your advice, they both are beautiful. Great experiment!

  2. that satin chocolate has a nice name and an even nicer bloom. lovely. :)