Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Ten Step Nature Walk

Literally. Ten steps. 
I did not have to pack my nature notebook. I did not fill my water bottle. 
I did not need to find my keys or the energy for the journey to a place where I can see God's creatures.

great golden digger wasp

I took ten steps out my back door to where my pond, 
overgrown with water lilies and filled with frogs, stands.
 Every year I tear mounds of  the invasive hydrilla out of the water
 and pull up tons of mint that throws runners over everything.

mud dauber wasp

But the mint that does grow back blooms and when it blooms,
everyone wants some.
Yesterday I took ten steps from my house, stood still 
and watched nature come to me.

metallic green bee 'Agapostemon'
cabbage white
carpenter bee
Nine different species that were kind enough to pose for a photo. 
And this was not even looking in the pond or counting what landed on the other plants.    I stood there for a good thirty minutes hardly noticing the heat of the unclouded sun.    I did notice it when my shadow obscured my view and disturbed 
an insect.
Plant something that brings nature to your door step. 
Or at least within ten steps of it.


  1. We can definitely do this at Harvest Community School once we get our garden and pond up and running!

  2. Put a plea out to friends and neighbors who have perennial gardens and ponds to share when they divide their plants, maybe there would be extra fish and tadpoles, too.