Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Milking Cats

A kitty rescue from a farm. She got separated from her siblings and was considered too young to survive on her own.
How can you resist that?

We took her. The farmer gladly gave us a box of cat food as incentive to be released of the responsibility. She had to be fed by syringe. I bought cream. She sucked that down easily.

My neighbour agreed to kitty-sit while we were out for the day and was horrified that a cat so young didn't have proper milk. So she sent her husband to buy cat milk. Yes, cat milk.

We came home to this. I burst out laughing in disbelief!

This is what I pictured in my head and laughed and laughed and laughed. Ridiculous

No where on the carton or online did it specify what kind milk was actually used. I am assuming it is cow's milk. Upon closer inspection I see that it is CATMILK  and not cat milk.

Had me giggling for days.


  1. your giggle makes me giggle...

    and that picture.

    whatcha gonna name it??

    i don't LOVE cats, but i wouldn't mind keeping a cat. i feel towards cats how cats seem to feel toward us. ;) rather indifferent and occasionally affectionate. however, living here has all but shattered that idea. cats are kept purely for utilitarian reasons and are not cared for at all (this is very often the case with dogs as well). ALL the cats i see are just yucky to behold! an indoor only cat might work, but with kids and dogs...

  2. The cat is named Paprika and lives in Toronto with my daughter. Feisty and growing and now on kitty kibble and water only. I have had cats in the past and firmly believe that your pet cat is a direct reflection on what you give to it. You love it and it loves you. You spend a lot of time away from it, it doesn't need you much. But kittens are sooo cute and hard to resist. My husband grew up with farm dogs and cats that never came inside the house so it was hard for him to picture them as part of the family. But he succumbed, we had two cats then a Labrador for 13 years. Right now we have no pets... unless you count the reoccurring appearance of the mouse.

  3. A-chooooooooo!

    I wonder what is harder. Milking cats or herding cats?