Tuesday, 29 April 2014


A female red winged blackbird is repeatedly yanking yellowed grasses and flying them to the cedar tree.

A common grackle landed right in front of a black squirrel and proceeded to shoo him out of the area.

The frog I saw a week ago in my pond has not been seen since. I've searched often.

Every tree has a soft focus look about them in contrast to their winter starkness. Their flower and leaf buds are swelling.

A male red winged blackbird just chased a morning dove right out of the yard.

The air is warmer and humid. It rained most of last night and today.

The sky is dark grey in the horizon but the sun is out right now where I am.

And the birds are singing. It makes my heart glad.


  1. Checked my notes and I saw a Redwing the same day! Male--getting things ready in a bull-rushy way. Then yesterday I walked down to the pond and watched 9 Canada Geese and three ducks (cheeky devils were chasing the geese!) as someone fed them grain! Turtles were sunning on a piece of furniture someone had tried to submerge in the pond. I sat on "my rock" and listened to a wobbly song and caught my mind telling itself it didn't know it until another thought dawned--it was Mr. Redwing, I had just forgotten. And then I saw him again.He felt like a friend. No frogs for the moment though.

  2. Mr. Redwing, such a distinct voice. And familiar as a friend. Speaking of which my frog is back! I was worried it had been courted to the neighbors pond, but no, it is faithful. I had to run out today as the songs of the toads filled the night air and was rewarded by the sight of one toad. By the sounds of clamor I know there are others but it is early in the season and they must be shy. Many firsts to record.

  3. Amy suggested that I should include this in this week's CM Blog Carnival--okay?

  4. Sure! that would be lovely! thank you.

  5. My exciting news for this week: impromptu dolphin study while touring an old aircraft carrier and seeing brand spanking new ogres (praying mantis) try to escape the ant massacre! God has been so faithful in showing me the thrill of being like Fabre.

  6. Tammy, I am watching 2 mantis nests outside and one that I have inside. and waiting with camera poised. I am thrilled each time the toads and frogs come back and do feel like Fabre each time I ask myself a question: like how come the toad didn't recognize that that is actually a frog he is hugging tightly? Does he not know that there will be no egg release or fertilization? hmmm.